Annemarie Russell isn't your run-of-the-mill singer-songwriter. Independent, truthful, and fiercely optimistic about what's possible, her unapologetic songwriting leaves listeners inspired, challenged, and hopeful.

Her latest release, 100 Reasons, pushes Russell over the edge into solid Indie Americana: a fusion of folk, pop, rock and jazz. Add Russell's rich alto voice and soulful lyrics, and it's clear that she intends to leave her mark on American music.

This album is distinctly bi-coastal. Recorded and produced by Russell and Nathan Eklund at an Oregon beach house and at Fontaine Studios in New Jersey, 100 Reasons is Russell's fourth release in her thirteen-year musical career. Listeners will find what has always been the core of Russell's music: lyrical storytelling that reflects the depth of human experience through songs of loss and heartache, and songs that celebrate love, independence and freedom. Musically, this album deviates in small yet exciting ways from Russell's past releases. The songwriting is more bold and adventurous; it takes risks and surprises listeners with new musical turns.

However, what isn't new about this album is the passion and vulnerability of Russell's art. As listeners have come to expect, Russell again brings her fullest self to this project. Her writing is poignant, essential, and honest. About the album, Russell offers this: "The title, 100 Reasons, is my admonition that there is never a single answer to the question 'why?' There are countless reasons for living, for writing and for performing."

As a live performer, Russell is a compelling force. Whether playing her music for 50 people or 500, Russell captivates her listeners with stories and humor, spreading her contagious optimism and hope to everyone who listens.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Russell was born into a family of musicians. While studying English during college, Russell discovered the marriage of music and words, and a songwriter was born. After a decade of adventures in other parts of the country, Russell recently returned to her roots in the Seattle area. Now, in addition to writing and performing music, Russell spends her days as a college English professor, sharing her love of words with her students.

Russell has played venues across the country from Seattle and San Francisco to Philadelphia and New York City. She has headlined at Mississippi Pizza Pub and the Alberta Street Pub in Portland, and at Cafe Paradiso and Sam Bond's Garage in Eugene, Oregon. And she has shared the stage with musicians such as Anne Weiss, Irina Rivkin, Lisa Sanders, Christine Havrilla, Shannon Beck, John Shipe and Matt Price.

For more information about her and her tour schedule, visit her shows page.

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